Saturday, November 19, 2011

Esther should have asked "Where did you say that bathroom was?"

When Leland worked away so much, as I mentioned I did get to go and be with him some. Most of time the trips went smoothly, but there were a couple of times that I had car trouble and a few times I had difficulty finding the rig. Leland always gave good instructions, but if the rig was in the mountains in Eastern OK. it could be a challenge. (Jo Ann here: I am just smiling and thinking I entered on here the story where she was teased and called "wrong way Esther" when she was flying airplanes. Did you read that part? Now she is calling the mountains a challenge. Maybe she was going the wrong way. He He) One trip still stands out in my mind, he had gone to Illinois and knew he would probably be gone a month. He had said he felt that things would be to where I could fly up in about two weeks and stay and then ride back with him. Plans were made for me to do that. Mike got me a pass on Delta and made the reservation for me to leave on a certain date. I got a jury notice that was scheduled for the day before I was to leave. I wasn't too worried since it would be a slim chance that I would be selected. WRONG! I couldn't believe it. It turned out o.k. though as it was a one day deal and we were dismissed.
The next day Sharon took me to DFW. This was before 9/11 and she could still go in with me until I boarded. I got my boarding pass, and being one that doesn't pay a lot of attention I didn't look it. (Jo Ann here: "doesn't pay attention" Hmmmm. Read on) It was just before I was to board that I looked at she pass and it Honolulu on it!! (Whoops she almost went the wrong way) We hurried to the desk and discovered my luggage was on the Hawaii plane. It hadn't left so they did retrieve my luggage and got it on the right plane.When I got there I found that I could rent a car at the Hilton. I rented the car and drove on to meet Leland. He was through in about two weeks so we went back to drop off the rental. While I was taking care of returning the rental I heard him ask the lady where the restroom was and what I heard her say was"down that hall and first door on the right." After finishing the paperwork I decided to go to the restroom too. I didn't ask her repeat the directions, I just went down the hall..never saw the door on the right but did find double doors, I didn't think I should go through those so I turned around and started back.It would be interesting to know just why I didn't stop and ask the lady for directions instead of striking out on my own. I didn't. (She should have. Remember her name? Wrong way ?????? who? anyway back to the story) I did notice though that there was a half wall and I could see that it was a dining room on the other side. I walked to the end of that and turned left. (Uh oh! wrong way)....To my horror I stepped off into their sunken flower bed. It was at least 18 inches deep and wet. I was half way across the thing before I regained my balance and was embarrassed to see the shocked faces of the people in the dining room. Never mind I would never see them again anyway. BUT when I got turned around there stood Leland leaning against the wall grinning and asked me "what are you doing in there?" All I could say was "where is that restroom?" He said "down the hall, through those double doors and first door on the right." ...oooh, I was suppose to go through those double doors.. As we left, it was necessary to go back past the dining room and through their lobby. Needless to say I was interested in making a quick exit.

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