Saturday, November 19, 2011

Goodbye to Spiffy by Jo Ann

We got a call from the Vet early on a Monday, he told us we had lost you during the night. We had gone to visit Diana and Ralph over the weekend, we left you in day care (that is what we always told you it was) while we helped them move. So the last time we saw you was Friday morning. Naturally it is a time reflection on the life we had with you.
I remember well the day we got you. You were cutest one of all the puppies that day to choose from. You were so happy and bouncy, just a little black ball of fur, so little and cute. You had a flat face, big eyes and a large forehead with long ears. When you got to your new home you stayed behind a large chair because you were afraid of everything and a little shy. It didn't take you long to get to know everything and soon you were into anything you could find. We had a candy dish on the coffee table with candy. Diana and I would give you some of the candy. Wayne told us not to give you any of it, but we didn't think he would know.One day Wayne told us somebody had been giving you candy because every time he would get some you would go ape. You knew what he was eating. We took you on vacations with us, when we visited Graceland in Memphis we put you in "day care" for a couple of hours. You traveled really well, content with just being with us.
You saw the grandkids come along. When they came over, you let them pull and tug until you got tired, then you would disappear and stay hid until they left or you got ready to come out. I don't remember you ever attempting to bite anybody. You were always friendly with a good disposition. Since you were mostly black we couldn't tell which way you were laying. Amanda stooped to talk to you once when you were asleep and you raised your head ad she had been talking to your rear. Courtney played and put doll clothes on you.
In a little dog's world where you don't hear of "givers and takers", you were a giver. You were always glad to see us when we came home. When Wayne came home after his shift on the P.D. you always knew before I did that he was home. You never held a grudge either. One day I had company and I put you in the bedroom. I forgot about putting you in there and only remembered you way after the company left. When I let you out you were just happy to see me. I often thought people could take lessons from you.
You were a giver even when you started getting old. We noticed you starting to age when we came home and you didn't meet us at the door anymore. We would wake you up and you would be your old self greeting us like you hadn't seen us in a week. Before moving to San Antonio we rented an apartment for a short while. We noticed then that you had really begun to age. You ran into things because you didn't know the layout and where furniture was like you had at our house. You were confused, but you adjusted like you always did. You became sick and the vet told us you had heart trouble. We worried about putting you to sleep. We didn't want to do that. As it turned out you were a giver in that way too as we didn't have to. The last few months we could tell you were not having fun anymore. You made it easier to give you up, knowing you were sick.
All along Spiff, we knew we had a bargain in you. You have been a very good friend and part of the family. We will never forget you. We were glad we didn't have to put you to sleep, but we didn't want you to die alone and there is one other regret. We didn't get to say goodbye and thank you for the memories.

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