Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GOP debate

I was wondering what others thought of the debate on "national security" last nite (Tuesday)
Who won in the debate?

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  1. I thought it was the best debate they have had.I am going out on a case there are any Ron Paul supporters out there..that he may be a nice guy but I believe he is a loose cannon on national security!!
    I think Newt did well..Romney did too..I think they all did better..I don't know who is the best to have but one thing is certain..ANYONE is better than who is up there now..if we don't make this man a one term President, I hate to think what America will be like . He has done more to stir up discrimination than anyone I know..He blames everyone and everything on the shape the country is in, except himself. He blames Bush for the economy..whines about what he inherited when actually the last 2 years of the Bush adminstration he had an all Democrat congress which made it impossible to get anything done..Notice that the unemployment jumped the last two years that Bush was in..Obama then had all Democrat congress until last Nov. when the Republicans got the House. Since the Senate is still Democrat everything the House sends over there they just leave on their desks. The Republicans have put forth several bills that would help stimulate the economy and they refuse to acknowledge them. Obama has threatened to veto anything that comes to his dest that he doesn't like. One of the things that would create jobs immediatly is to open up drilling.He don't want that.Obama has spent more money in the time he has been President than all the Presidents from the beginning put together..We have a 15 TRILLION dollar debt and he wants more money..I could go on and on.
    OOPS, I believe you just ask what others thought of the debate on 'national security' and who we thought won it..
    I do get on my soap box but this country in in serious trouble and we have to take it serious..