Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grocery shopping during holidays

The other day we were in the Dr. office and the nurse told us she was going to buy groceries the Friday before Thanksgiving. She explained that last year she waited in line to pay for groceries for FOUR HOURS before she got checked out. I told her "yeah, but maybe all those people you stood in line with last year is going to go early this year and you will see them in line again."

Reminds me of last year during the holiday buying. I was very sick and unable to go to the grocery store. Wayne was very good about doing anything that I needed and would go get anything I needed anywhere he needed to go. After one trip to the grocery just before either Thanksgiving or Christmas he came home and told me, "Everybody in San Antonio was at HEB except you." That made me laugh a little.

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  1. Fast forward a year to 2011:

    I went to HEB last night (Tuesday nite the 22nd)
    When I drove up to the store the parking lot was FUll! I couldn't find a parking place and it is a huge lot. In fact in the newspaper it was reported that this grocery store could be on the tourist list for S.A.. I wouldn't say that but it is very nice. Anyway, I decided I would leave and try coming back on Wednesday when maybe people are at work. Just as I was about to leave a parking place became available close to the front of the store! So I stayed and went in got a few things and as I went to the front I spotted a cashier with not one customer to check out.I asked him why he didn't have anybody at his register and he said he didn't know. I think I know. Seems like I was taken care of again. God really does care about the small things in life.