Saturday, November 19, 2011


Having a family scrapbook helps us to keep up with others in our family. It is an ongoing project, adding new photos, hearing from our relatives and even check out who is having a birthday. If you have any suggestions just send in a note, a story or what you would like to appear on the blog.
So, if you ever wanted to be a star, now is your chance. If you never had that desire, chances are you will be anyway. We have secret "roving reporters" and the "gotcha police" who just might write a story about you or take your picture. If these secret people didn't get your photo at a time which would have been funny or didn't catch that funny thing you said, then we aren't worried about running out of material because we have a whole bunch of memories written down and we have pictures. Lots of pictures. One good thing about having a website is that it will be ongoing. You will need to check it every once awhile to see where on the site you will be. The only way you won't be on it is if you can produce a note from your doctor stating it will be hazardous to your health to participate. So post your memories and photos.

​Jo Ann

P.S. In the beginning the site will be a little sparse, but we have plenty of room to grow and it takes time to put it all together. Our secret people have to get their reports in and they have a lot to tell. If you are not one of the secret people you can be by sending in a report of your own. That is how you become a secret person.

REMEMBER: This blog belongs to all of us and any of you are more than welcome to send me photos, memories or a story to tell and I will get it entered. Or now you can enter yourself.
We have capabilities so you can do that.

Credits: The doiley in the top banner was crocheted by either Ione or mother, not sure which. The background is from Raspberry Road designs. The ivy is from Yanz, Little Miss collections. Disclaimer:The graphics used on the web pages were either purchased, taken from freeware or made by me. All images are flattened in JPG format and not offered for sale. Any design will be removed if notified by the owner that the design or designs cannot be used in this manner.

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