Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ione tells her story about The Boys

From Ione:

Weldon & I moved to Colorado in 1971.Since we were away from the kids

we made frequent calls to them. Almost every time I called I had to hold while Anne stopped a scramble of one kind or another. Once Darren and

Dewayne were riding their bikes around a BIG tree on a vacant lot next door. They were to ride going in the same direction. Guess who didn't.(Darren) Anne looked out just in time to see them hit head on. Darren had to have a cast put on his leg from the foot to his thigh. They were going on vacation, which was delayed a few days. When they got home from vacation the gauze was just a flimsy piece of material, but the leg had healed.

Once when I called Darren was chasing Dewayne around the back yard chopping at his heels with a hoe. Again, Anne asked me to hold while she

had to go stop the fight. I wasn't going to hang up until I found out the results. She got there in time. Note from Jo Ann: I told you in the above

story that I always thought they were rowdy. Are you beginning to see it

too? I have to say at this point it is not looking too good for Darren and looks like Dewayne is getting taken advantage of. We will get to Dalen and Derek later. Note from Jo Ann: Stay tuned to see if Dewayne is ever "rowdy" as we will call it. "Rowdy" sounds like a mild word for these boys, but that is just my opinion.

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