Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leland & Esther trailer house

Did you know?
That in 1951 Leland and Esther moved into an eighteen foot trailor house, as they were called in those days's instead of mobile homes. Leland had gone to work for Humble oil that is now Exxon. Humble had camps for employee's and they were really nice places to live. This one was at Kelsey Bass and it was 50 miles from Rio Grande City and 50 miles from Falfurris.
It was a very pretty camp with St. Augustine grass, Palm trees and we even had a swimming pool.
This small trailer was all that was available for us and we took it. Now I want to clear up something real quick, we did have a bathroom. It was outside the house in a neat building that had a cement floor,commode, shower and closet. Later we bought a washing machine that fit there real well. Living in that small place with two children was an experience! Sharon was nine months old and Wayne was 19 months older. The couch made into a bed that we let down each night and the kitchen table was a booth that we raised and lowered the table for a bed. It had cushions that we placed out that made a nice mattress for Wayne and Sharon. This table was attached to the wall on one side and held up on the other end by a leg. Sharon sat in her high chair at the end of the table and seemed to think it was funny to kick the leg out from under the table when we were eating. I guess she enjoyed the excitement it caused. It didn't take long for us to learn to eat holding our knees up against the table to keep it from falling.
Aren't children precious to leave us all these memories?? That is just one memory, there are dozens. Actually, we do have fond memories of there, it was o.k.. One thing it really did was to make everywhere else we lived look real big

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