Saturday, November 19, 2011

The move with the ducks

Recently Beth (Wayne's sister) and I had dinner in Salado,Tx
with Merle and Karen Stalcup. Merle is Wayne's nephew and the mayor of Salado. I mentoned something about a monkey we had once and Merle said he didn't know we had a monkey. Oh yes,
he was a mischievious little outfit and didn't waste any time making himself at home. His bathroom habits wasn't a problem, the girls took him out on a leash, but he would get loose and go up a tree in a neighbor's yard. Screaming and carrying on. He rode in our car with his hands holding on to the dashboard. He wore clothes my mother made him. This is not a picture of Coca but it looks like him. We later traded him at a pet store for a nice quiet aquarium. I think even the girls were glad to trade. --> -->
​Beth remembered another story about 3 ducks our girls had once. The were Easter ducks and they grew big. Wayne was with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission stationed in Beaumont. He didn't like that work and decided he wanted to go back into "real" police work so we moved to North Texas. The girls said we had to take the ducks, we couldn't leave them behind. So we got a chicken coop. The plan was two girls would ride with me and also the chicken coop carrying the ducks. One girl would ride with Wayne in the U Haul truck. They would take turns riding with him in the truck. We hadn't went very far when none of the girls wanted to ride with the stinky ducks. Once I found myself riding by myself with the stinky ducks. Something wasn't right about the plans. Wayne told me while I was standing by the car all hot & sweaty and smelling like ducks, he had to drive the truck and the coop wouldn't sit in the front seat. I thought "how convenient for him." We stopped in East Texas to spend the night with Beth and then the ducks got loose and ran off. I thought "Hallelujah!!" But two ducks got caught and one was still loose. Beth said she and her dad, who was visiting her said if they could find it they would keep it for us or bring it to us. Sure enough, they found it. It joined the others a little later but the next morning we left to drive the rest of the way to our new home. With 2 of the 3 ducks.

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