Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sharon went where??????

David and I were meeting Bret and Jenny for a late movie on a Friday night and after shopping we still found an hour to kill and not much to do. We decided to go to Applebees for dessert. After we ordered I wanted to wash my hands before eating. (Shopping is hard work) so I headed to the restroom. Now if there is one thing I miss most among the things you lose after you are in your 50's and beyond is that critical little item called mental alertness. You miss something or forget something you ordinairily never let by. Or you just take too long to process pretty simple stuff, kind of like a computer moving slow...all the info is still in there it's just taking too long to spit it out. One of those split seconds mind gaps happened as I swung through the door of the restroom on the left and found myself looking at a young man standing there doing something he came into the men's room to do. He was just as obviously surprised to see me because I heard him say "what the h...?" I immediately did a 180 and it seemed like slow motion as I tried to pull the door and the hinges just wouldn't work fast enough. All that would come out was "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." I bounded across the hall to the opposite bathroom that transformed itself into a santuary for me. No one was in there an I began to assimilate what I'd just done. As I washed my hands I start to think "oh no, what if I see this guy again.. will we exit the restrooms at the same time?? or even worse will he be sitting at a table in our area? Should I just make a mad dash out the door and around the corner before he comes out or should I wait until I hear him leave, but that could be somebody else going in"? I decided on a quick getaway. We opened the doors precisely together and were face to face again and again all I could say is "I'm sorry,so sorry" all that would come out of my mouth. I heard him say "it's o.k., I thought it was a joke." I walked warp speed back to David.. The poor guy went off in the other direction and I did manage to get out of there without seeing him again. Will I ever enter a restroom without checking the door first? Not a chance..just like now I always check first to see if I'm using eyedrops or super glue.

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