Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sofie's Profile

Sofie was about 6 weeks old when we got her in May 2008. She weighed about 2 lbs at that time.
She is grown now and weighs 8lbs.
Vicky's dogs Elli & Brandy and Diana & Ralph's dogs Ruby & River are their cousins. That's what we tell them anyway. Sofie looked out for Elli when Vicky got her. Once they were at our house and Ellie crawled out from under our front gate. We were looking all over for her. Sofi kept running to the front gate and back to us. Back and forth. Finally we looked in the front yard and Elli was in the front yard. Another time Elli was in Vicky's lap and combing her long hair and Elli was fussing. Sofie got a toy out of her toy box, brought over for Ellie and dropped at Vicky's feet. Over and over Sofie has proven herself to be the "big sister"

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