Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Thang

From Esther: Diana said when they were small "Mom made us spank ourselves" She says they had this thing that they called "thang" and mom would tell us to " Go get the "thang" and "whoop" yourselves." Of course Vicky would just barely tap herself and yell "ooowwww." She didn't fool mom though.


  1. Update from above about "the thang"

    My name is Terri. I can vouch that my mother, JoAnn did have a "thang" and did make us "whoop" ourselves and she did in fact use those words. The "thang" had a wooden handle and was a non sharp spatula. Trust me, I "whooped" myself many times with it. I know what it looked like. While it was a handy tool to inflict self punishment, it was mainly stored in the kitchen to spread icing on homemade cakes,

    :-) If anyone wants to know what happened to the "thang"..If I tell ya, I will have to kill ya. xoxoxo

  2. Note from webmaster Jo Ann: I said I would write whatever is sent in, BUT I didn't say I wouldn't contest it. I don't think I used such words as "thang and "whoop." (Terri spanked, excuse me, tapped herself, Never "whooped"
    From webmaster: I wondered what happened to that spatula, now I know. I still say I didn't say "thang" and "whoop." BTW they never hurt themselves with the spatula.