Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Wallpaper Edpisode

From Ione: Jo Ann and I decided we would go into the business of wall papering. I guess we put an ad in the paper anyway we got a customer.
It was a new house and we were going to paper the kitchen & dining area, the entrance way and a laundry room. Also the living room if we had time to finish it by Saturday. Neither one of us was new to wall papering, we have done it many times, since we are from a family of do it yourselfers.
The kitchen was difficult it had a bay window and lots of things in there to go around. But we did it and it looked good. Very good. The only thing we didn't get to was the living room by Saturday. However, I did sand down a bathroom they wanted sanded. We finished on Saturday night and then Sunday we went back just to check it out. Very pleased with the job, so we left. On Monday Jo Ann went to pick up the pay and the lady said she wasn't going to pay us because we papered the kitchen and dining room paper upside down.
Just so you know we didn't put it up upside down. Anybody can ask Esther. She came out to help us with the bay window and she said it wasn't upside down. Anyway, it ended our wall papering.

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