Saturday, November 19, 2011

We started out with a newsletter

Submitted by Terri: The first original family newsletter was started around 1988 when mom (Jo Ann) got her first computer in 1988. She also had a dot matrix printer. Remember those? The ones you threaded the paper through the tracks on the side of the printer. She, Esther and Ione would take turns doing the editorial and mailing out the newsletter; which was sent to all family members each month by mail. (Stamps were .25 cents each.)
Each month the family members would contribute news and send in money or pay for their own stamps to get the next letter. Fast forward 23 years, she, along with her loving sisters and niece Anne have spent hours of time puttng this site together so that our families can stay connected.


  1. Note from editor: With the contributions of "Our families" this website exists, giving us an opportunity to share our memories, photos, laughs and birthdays.

    It is not a small task to get everybody included but we are working on it. Mandie said she really didn't know who everybody is. This has given us an idea to make a page of who belongs to who. The site is evolving so stay tuned.

  2. I hope all the family gets involved.Just through our webpage, I have already learned things about the family that I didn't know. I hope everyone gets involved...families are so important..we don't get to see each other often. This is a great way to get aquainted with some that we just honestly don't know. It offers so much..we can see pictures of family members as well as read about what is going on in all our lives..So let's all stay in touch.