Saturday, November 19, 2011

"WHAT A MESS!!" "It was the biggest mess you ever saw!" That was Diana's reaction when she was telling about putting down the tile down in the entrance way and large living room of their home. I can vouch that it was a mess. I went over one night and it looked like a haze in the living room from all the powder stuff you mix up to put down the tile. All the furniture had to be moved around. I could see right away that this was no weekend project. During the process of the job she asked me how come she came from a family that does their own projects. I don't know, all I know is I inherited it from Esther or Vicky. Maybe it came from them. On laying tile, that was Vicky's fault. She kept telling Diana how easy it is and she taught her how. She needs to go ask her.
​Diana faxed me an article about a lady that laid tile in her house. This article described how she got one tile stuck to the --> -->
side of her face and I think it was her knee that got stuck to the floor. About this time the dog could tell there was something wrong and started licking her face and then the kids came in the room laughing at the site. The best I remember about this article is she couldn't get free and they had to have the fire department come out and get all this off of her with a solvent. The bad part was that this lady was putting tile down in her underwear. Dina laughed so hard and got such a kick out of this that she told me she can relate to it. "I know just how it is," she said. I wonder if that article was about her.

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