Monday, November 21, 2011

Woman to cross Antarctica on skis

Seems this 33 year old British adventurer is preparing for a SOLO crossing of Antarctica . She plans on it taking about 70 days. She plans on being the first woman to cross the Antarctica alone using only muscle power. She plans on arriving late January. She has been there before but says she is particularly thrilled that she will be climbing through the Transantarctic Mountains alone and onto the continent's vast central platform. I guess it isn't a problem taking supplies she needs for that long. How is she going to do that? She is going to be standing up a lot with a backpack on her back. What about sleeping out there all alone in the mountains without even the comfort for huskies could give her?

As of Sunday she was waiting at a base camp for the weather to improve for her journey to begin on skis.

My musing on this is why is she waiting for the weather to improve? It is going to get pretty bad where she is going so why don't she just strike out?

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