Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strange happenings on vacation

The other day I started thinking about some vacations that we have taken. Some of them were kind of strange so I thought I would write it on the blog.

Terri lives in California and when we go we usually go to some vacation spots. One time we went to Los Angeles and were on Sunset strip. At a bus stop we saw a man that had on a tall hat that looked like it was made from those old kind of cardboard egg carton and had some fleece on it. He had all kinds of things attached to it. One of the items was an old telephone receiver glued to it. There were all kinds of stuff he had stuck to it. While there we saw some other sites. One very tall guy was walking on the side walk with his hands up in the air making all kinds of noise. One man was dressed up to the hilt. Very expensive looking suit, tie and hat. Looked like what I imagine a pimp looks like.

Another trip we went to Venice Beach. If you have never been there it is a beach with a loooooong row of shops. A boardwalk I think it is called. Anyway there are some very strange people there. What we saw: One man riding in an open buggy with an unclothed mannequin sitting with him in the buggy. Another man wearing a long black coat or cloak, not sure which and he was walking around in a fashion that made it swirl around him. In the mean time he was talking a woman into going to his apartment. They had just met on the boardwalk and she is going home with him? Another strange encounter. This man and woman was on a pier and he was hawking for people to look at his wife or may have been his mother, not sure which. She looked much older than him. He had a container in front of them, encouraging people to put money in it. Some did and he would tell them to come closer, come closer and when they did he dropped the blanket that he was holding in front of the woman just a little bit so the paying customers could see behind the blanket. Some people that saw behind the blanket said she had removed her clothes and that was it. Move on for the next paying customers.

Here is another one. On our first trip to Las Vegas we rode a bus downtown. We were sitting in a bench like seat facing the aisle. Sitting behind a couple sitting across from of us there was an older woman yelling we are in SIN CITY! SIN CITY! A young man got on the bus and the only available seat was next to her. He sat down and she started in on him, inviting him to her house the whole time hollering SIN CITY! In a few moments she pulled out a knife. We didn't know if it was a real one or not, but it looked like it. She started pretending she was going to stab the man in front of her. The couple that were sitting in the aisle across from us facing the front of the bus. He didn't know about what was going on behind him. Wayne stuck his foot across the aisle and touched the man's foot trying to get his attention. He got his attention alright. He looked at Wayne with his eyes wide open like he thought Wayne was hitting on him and this lady behind him hollering SIN CITY. The bus stopped and a bunch of us got off including the man that thought Wayne was making passes at him. He took off down the street with his wife before Wayne could explain to him why he was trying to get his attention. What a town... I do not like that place. Terri moved to L.V. from California in 2005 and bought a house there. She didn't like it so she moved back to CA. She rented the house out and their teenage daughter hung herself in Terri's house. A tragic incident. No good memories there.

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