Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 more days for Fiesta 2012

More fun time Fiesta pictures. You can always tell when something is going on in San Antonio.
The grocery store I go to is always busy. It's huge and one of the most popular in S.A. and it is only a couple miles from our house. Today I went in to get a few things at HEB and I could check out my groceries right away. If that store is not busy there is something going on. I wasn't surprised in San Antonio Fiesta comes first over buying groceries. See pictures here.
There are about four military bases here and I love to watch the parades they are in and the patriotic music they play is the outstanding.

I put these under the label of holidays. Because Fiesta is one big party that lasts 10 days and is going to be extended in 2014. in San Antonio it is a holiday.

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