Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cassie Got Out!!!

Our house....
Recently I bathed Cassie our little Shih Tzu. I decided to bath her after I took a shower, so instead of getting dressed right away I put my gown back on. Cassie had her bath in the bathtub and I remembered I left her conditioner in the kitchen. She is always real good about staying put so I left her in the tub while I went to get her conditioner. Well, she decided to get out and she passed me flying and went right out the doggie door, all clean and wet. I started after her and remembered I had my gown on and my hair was wet as I had shampooed it. So I ran and got Wayne to chase her down. I told him to catch Cassie. He did, but asked me what the problem was, we have a fence around the house. Problem?
I have my hair wet and have my gown on, am I suppose to chase Cassie around trying to catch her in the front yard. As you can see we have a fence around our house but not a high one. The house across the street is elevated a little bit so they can see. You don't think neighbors are not going to look at me chasing a wet dog around in the front yard looking like this? Not only that but I had to bath Cassie again. That day didn't start out very well.

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