Monday, May 28, 2012

Esther's birthday trip with Grayson

My birthday trip with Grayson..
Grayson's birthday was April 12th but our shopping with him was delayed a little over a month...Leland had just gotten out of the hospital a few days earlier and we were staying in pretty close..Shauna did go ahead and get him a gift that he wanted with his birthday money and then when I could take him I gave him $10.00 more so he could shop...he needed a little bonus for it being late.Well, he selected the Dollar Tree same as Abby and Blake had done. As he picked out his toys he would get two extra and say that one was for Abby and one Blake (left Alex out)..anyway, I had to tell him that this was his birthday and he could get Blake, Abby and Alex each a gift and I would pay for them so he wouldn't have to take it out of his....that was OK by him...He was pretty selective in what he got and then we headed to Walmart..He didn't mind going there, but for you who read Abby's trip she wanted no part of that.First thing when we got into Walmart he ask me to buy him a toy..Well NO..we just came out of the Dollar Tree with 13 toys....Next was where he was going to ride at on the buggy..walking beside me was out of the question.he was just too tired for that so he ended up climbing in inside of it and rode there while I got my stop was Braum's for an ice cream cone..he had eaten lunch before our trip so Braum's was the treat and he knew what kind of cone he wanted...after finishing off our cones...well, I hated for him to eat his by himself so naturally I ordered one...Next stop was home and when we got there, he had opened each and every toy and had played with them all the way home...we were both tired but it had been a fun afternoon. I hope that the kids will have as good of memories of these outings as I do...

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