Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wayne & Beth's Memorial Weekend

Wayne and Beth's Memorial week-end.. Wayne and Beth left last Friday in their new camper for the week end at Lake Texoma..they carried their 4 grandchildren and also a friend of Blake's with them.. They had a great time with the kiddos letting them play and they rented a pontoon boat for 4 hours on the lake. Lori got all the kiddos Sunday..even though Wayne and Beth had enjoyed the time with the kids they were 'pooped' when everyone left..Beth said she and Wayne were just grungy dirty but wanted to go eat lunch somewhere and Wayne said he did not want to go through a drive through..he wanted to go inside someplace ..Beth told him they looked awful but decided on Braum's in Denison..Beth said "Wayne, we are going to have all these Church people come in all dressed up "..he sitll didn't care. When they drove into Braum's they noticed there was a pick up with a trailer loaded with cattle there.....They ordered and sure enough in came 'dressed up people'. This one woman walks over to them and announces.."By process of elemination, I guess you all the one's with the trailer out there with all those cattle..my mother-in-law is 100 and will be 101 soon wanted to know if she could pet the cows"..Beth told her" they were not the owners of the cattle but probably whoever was wouldn't mind if she petted them.".. Wayne told the lady "that as high as cattle are now she needed to be looking for some one in a 3 piece suit.".Chances are Wayne heard "I told you so"..I know that is what I would have said...anyway, two women left out and they are the ones that got in the truck with the trailer and cows...don't know if the lady got to pet them or not.. Note from Jo Ann: From the looks of the lady above it doesn't appear that she got to pet the cows. Just kidding. This is not a picture of that
lady. I got this off the internet.

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