Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day 2012 by Esther

Last Sunday was Father's day and I am just now getting around to writing a little about what we did. It was really a nice time. Mike and Reeda came Saturday and spent the night and Sunday morning they went to church with us. Nephew, Bobby Killion and his wife Marji also came over and joined us. Wayne and Beth had gone on earlier to Sunday school...Matt, Lori and children came in and we had two pews full.We had reservations at a neat resturant just west of Van Alstyne. The rest of the family that could came and met us there..we had 17 adults and three children..The food was great and after eating much too much we came on back to our house and made pictures...JoAnn has posted just a few here but it was a crazy time!! Cameras were flashing and three or four taking your picture at once..which explains why some have two people looking at different directions..oh well... David was being a clown and suggested that the three "in-laws" ..he, Beth and Reeda get their picture made together...we finally got a good one after getting pictures of them with their backs to us and leaning over the deck rail..for those of you who think David is quite and reserved I have a news bulletin for you..also, Beth and Reeda can have you in stitches when they have a mind too.. It was really a nice day and Leland said one of the nicest he can remember..Thank you, Lord he is still with us we were afraid he wouldn't be..

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