Friday, August 31, 2012

Dining and Kitchen -One big room

Esther & Leland have just finished redoing some things, to their bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and dining room. Following are pictures of the redo's. Notice the wall covering in kitchen & dining. That is a beadboard style covering and I'm told it really looks nice in person.
Their house ALWAYS look clean and nice anyway. There is a story about that. A few years ago, my other sister, Ione and myself visited Esther & Leland for a few days. One day I asked Ione that I wondered where Esther has her junk. Everybody has junk don't they? Somewhere in their house? A look in their closets, (no inspections, just open door and look) revealed everything was stacked and neat in all closets. We never did figure it out. We asked Esther where she hid junk and I don't remember a direct answer. She seemed to not know what we were talking about, best I remember. Just said something about she has junk like everybody else. Wrong!! Everybody else house does not look like that at all times. Take a look at the pictures and if you want, tell us what you think.
Some others in the family and been redecorating up there so if you want to send in pictures I will post them.

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  1. well, sissy I do appreciate all the really nice things you said about my 'clean house'..have you ever noticed that I always know when you are don't just drop in...if so, I may not get those raving as far the neatness of those pictures...well, I moved a few things out of the range of the camera before I snapped the picture..
    We do like the new bathrooms look..a lot brighter now with the cabinets painted white and the walls are lighter too...We like the new kitchen look it's different than it was...I want to thank our sweet kiddos for all their help..without it this would not have been accomplished..Mike and Reeda put us in a really nice shower and finished it off so pretty..this was not an easy task as there was a lot of construction that went on with that..
    Sharon and David came and helped paint both bathroom walls and the cabinets in there..
    On the kitchen..Beth and Wayne (mostly Beth) put up the paper and painted...Wayne got the really high places over the cabinets and etc..Leland and I did some but stayed out of the way as much as possible..I guess my main job in it all was trying to see that people were fed. Certainly needed to keep their strength up!
    Anyway, sissy thanks for all the kind U ...Esther