Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sharon's Demon Lawn Bag

 I think Sharon is more related to you and me than anyone else in the family..she gets into so much...she called me yesterday afternoon . We had just gotten home from all the running around we had to do. She said she still couldn't believe what had happened. Said she pulled into Walmart parking space and was talking to a friend on the phone and this neat looking young deputy sheriff knocked on her window and said "maam  do you know you are dragging a big bag of leaves under your right wheel?" She got out and looked and was  horrified to see this huge black Hefty bag of leaves. What happened is, as she backed out of her driveway she saw her neighbor had about 20 big hefty bags of leaves piled up there and she thought she had hit something but looked back through her rear view mirror and didn't see anything so she drove on to Walmart. After the deputy advised her of bag under her wheel she tried to get the bag out and pulled and pulled and leaves were going everywhere. She was so embarrassed with her car there and all those leaves and the bag she decided to move to a different parking place so she wasn't parked next to all those leaves.So she backed out and unknowingly she was still dragging the bag with about half the leaves still in there..she again parked and saw it was still with her and she decides to go to the Town Center where there is a huge parking lot and try to dislodge it there. So off she goes across Walmart parking lot...over to the Town Center dragging her bag.  scattering leaves. Finally, she got it loose and put the bag in her car,then goes back to Walmart.She said she knew people,who didn't see all this drama play out, wondered where in the world all those leaves came from.She said it would have made a great commercial  for Hefty bags.That bag was drug miles and still going...
She said she guess the whole incident was on camera at Walmart parking lot. Wouldn't you just love to have seen that on TV???..Bless her heart... She took a picture of the bag under her car (shown above) When this picture was taken, it still had part of it's cargo that it is not turning loose. But the bag still looks in good shape.

Submitted by Esther (Sharon's mother)
Esther said she should have taken the bag back to her neighbor's house and told him "that bag is alive."

P.S. Sharon has more stories she could tell......Need to ask her about eyelashes and glue. 

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