Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blake's Goat, his name is Billy Bob

Everyone who got a goat for Christmas, raise your hand.
Well, Blake did. He wanted a goat and Wayne and Beth knew if they cleared it with Matt and Lori they would say a definite "NO". So they just kinda went around them. 
Shauna looked on Craig's list and found one at Blue's a Pygmy goat and isn't suppose to get any bigger. That remains to be seen..They got the goat and I believe Eddy helped find a pen that should keep him in.(Wayne said that pen and goat will probably end up in his backyard). Leland gave him a doghouse that we had built back a year or so ago when a Greyhound dog showed up here. In a weak moment I had agreed to let the thing stay.  We desperately tried to find the was only after we build a huge dog house, bought dog food and etc, that the owner showed up.It's a toss up as to who was happier,the dog, the owner or us. Anyway, we figure the Lord knew there would be a use for that on down the road.
Back to the goat. Shauna kept it in her garage in a dog pen until Christmas morning..that is when Wayne , Beth and goat showed up at the Watson's. The only ones happy were Blake, Abby and Alex!!!. The goat didn't score any brownie points when the first thing he did was poop in front of the door, do believe Lori just missed stepping in it.I called after I knew they had gotten there with the 'present' and ask Lori how was Christmas? she told me it "was fine until Mom got here",seems she must be blaming Beth more that Wayne...ha.. Later I heard Lori  mention ''getting revenge" and Matt mummered something about maybe a recipe for goat meat..
I will add a little story that Leland told Wayne about that happened years ago. A boy that his older sister was dating gave her a goat..I don't know if it was for Christmas, birthday or maybe he just wanted to get rid of it. Anyway, his mother didn't exactly like it to begin with and one day when she and the goat were on the porch and she bent over and "MICKEY" either butted her off the porch or she almost went off. That's when he got a new home. Someone came by and she sold it to him for a $1.00.
I'm sure the kiddos will get an education of how goats do butt people before too many months pass and probably nothing would make Matt and Lori happier than if the first one to get it would be Wayne and Beth..Submitted by Esther Hale.
Note from Jo Ann: I had a goat once when we lived in the country for a short while. The only thing I can say about owning a goat is I wouldn't have another one. Once when I opened the door, she jumped into the house and then jumped on our stereo. That is only ONE thing she did that was not acceptable. Have you ever seen a picture of a goat on a car? I saw one in real life. Her name was Dorothy. I would like to hear about Billy Bob in a few months.

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  1. I haven't ever seen a goat on a car but I have seen a hog on the top of our pick up..if anyone wants to hear that 'true story' let me know...I promise it did happen..Esther