Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Esther's Red Beans Could it be a new discovery?

Leland and I like to eat at Cheddar's and when we do he usually orders as one of the beans and rice. The other day I decided to cook some here at home. I knew I couldn't duplicate theirs but they would be good anyway. Who can mess up red beans?. I cooked them and added spices (those at Cheddar's are pretty hot and spicy) I  put the rice in them and jalapeno peppers and etc. Leland came in and I ask him to taste them to see if they were ok. He did and told me they needed more spice..not hot enough..I said I would put some chili powder in them. Got what I thought (didn't look) was chili powder and was pretty generous with it only to find out too late that I had put in cinnamon..yuk..sooo, I get some more peppers, garlic , and CHILI POWDER for sure this time and really laid it all on. It did help, but boy, that cinnamon was holding it's own.Wayne was eating lunch with us and he likes beans and corn bread but I did kinda warned them that these were a little different. They guessed right away what the difference was and was nice enough ,or hungry enough ,to eat some anyway. Wayne did say later that a lot  of good things were discovered by mistakes..I said but "not this" he said "NOPE."
This was last Friday and Mike , Reeda and the boys came and I had made a roast and etc. But warmed up the beans. I thought I would see how they liked them. Well, it didn't take Mike long to detect the cinnamon. He said it reminded him of the time I put cinnamon in the meat loaf..I do not remember that but he declares it happened and said that "daddy just said it was fine". Then we had leftovers, a lot of them..Wayne seemed to remember the meatloaf too so it must have happened..I must ask Sharon if she remembers it.
Don't kids just remember the darndest things???

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  1. Our friend Julie did that too, but happened to look at the canister before she put it back in the cupboard, and was able to scrape off most of the cinnamon, and then add the chili powder. WE all do these kinds of things, like I tell the kids all the time, "PAY ATTENTION' then I don't :( Jacky