Saturday, January 26, 2013

Esther Runs into a Fence! Literally

Jo Ann and Wayne moved to Tom Bean and rented a house for awhile until they got some land close to us.( I loved it) Anyway, here they were in the country and did what about everyone else does when they move from living in the city or small town. They started a garden, got animals..including a goat!  They had a house moved in and did some remodeling. aahh, is there a story in that.  Right, sissy???  Why don't you write about that?
In the summer farmers wanted someone to haul hay. Our boys both would work a lot in the summer doing that. Well, that sounded interesting to them so someone close by needed their hay hauled and the only time they could do it was after work and the field was pretty close by. It had gotten dark but I decided to go down and see them for awhile. I drove there and thought about it before I got there that when I got out of the car that I would run real fast so if there was a snake it wouldn't have time to bite me. I was concentrating on that and I had totally forgotten about the NEW five strand barbed wire fence that had been put up. Oh my goodness..I got out of the car running at full speed and hit that fence with a vengeance. It knocked me completely on the ground.  As I lay there bleeding my thought was that a 'snake could eat me up'.  I did limp to my sissy and she was shocked to see all that blood and of course wanted to know what happened. We had some friends that lived real close to all this drama and I went to their house to wash the blood off. I was bleeding from all those barbs that had dug deep into my skin. Now, some folks have a real sick sense of humor because they laughed and laughed when they heard what happened. In fact, Lee told me later that every time Bob woke up through the night that he laughed. Leland wasn't home when all this happened.He was on his week in the gulf. By the time he got home I had five black and blue swollen lines where each wire did it's damage and little holes where the barbs dug in. Now he probably laughed when I was out of sight but in front of me he was very sympathetic. He never knew that after Jo Ann moved close by, just what he was going to encounter when he got home. Note from Jo Ann: By us moving close by, what did that have to do with HER running into a fence. I was out there in the field. 


  1. Well, sissy...what it has to do with me running into the fence is...if you hadn't been in the field I wouldn't have been there to begin with.

  2. Well I am grateful something finally out ranked the bed thing! You do have to watch for those snakes though!