Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ione's Memory of Valentine's Day

The thought came to me to have Valentine Day memories for this year to post on the blog. I thought of it a little late in the afternoon on the 13th.  About the only ones I could  really notify about it was Ione, Esther and Anne. So there wasn't a lot of time for everybody to think of a memory. As you all know, Ione lost Weldon in 1981 and so it has been awhile for her to look back on a specific Valentine day. She has lots of memories of him that mean a lot to her. While she was trying to think of something for me to post, it brought back a lot of memories for her. She remembers him bringing her lilies every Easter, remembered when they first moved to Colorado, how she missed her family and friends back in Texas. He was so thoughtful and kind and would take her to live performances at a Playhouse to cheer her up. One special Valentine's day he gave her a necklace with a red ruby.

I want to ask everybody to keep Ione in your prayers. She deals with pain everyday. We all will appreciate if you pray for her.

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