Thursday, February 28, 2013

Olivia and Alex

Submitted by Esther Hale
Olivia drank my coffee:
The other afternoon Alex and Olivia came in  as I was warming up some coffee. I usually have about 1/2 cup left from breakfast and I just warm it up later and drink it for an afternoon lift.
I only use honey for sweetener and nothing else. Anyway, I had just gotten it ready to drink when Olivia saw me and ask 'is that coffee'? (she is two and half ) I told her it was and ask her if she liked coffee..she assured me she did, that surprised me but I ask her if she wanted to taste it. Yep, she did, and I fully expected her to back off and tell me she didn't. well, I let her taste it and the little rascal liked it..I ask her if she wanted it and offered her the cup..Well yes, she wanted it and I began to have this sinking feeling I was about to lose my coffee. One last ditch effort to save it I ask if her daddy let her drink coffee. I lost again, she said he did and at this point took my coffee and went to the bar and drank it. She didn't leave a drop. She and Alex left out and I put the 'empty' cup in the sink. When they came back in later she walked in the kitchen and ask 'where is my coffee?' I told her she had drank it (besides it was my coffee) she wanted more and I told her I didn't have anymore. I told Shauna about it and she laughed and said that was funny because Eddy didn't drink coffee. Well nonetheless, this wasn't the first cup of coffee this little 2 1/2 year old ever had and one lesson I learned is drink my afternoon coffee when she isn't around. She sure is cute though.

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