Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tell me what you think..

O.K. pretend I am writing a letter to Dear Abby, and you are Abby.

Recently I made a trip to East Texas and North Texas to see family. . Since I live in San Antonio and have to get in traffic to get out of San Antonio, then go through Austin and then Dallas I figured I would go to my sister, Ione's house in Canton (East Texas) first. That way after leaving Austin I could turn East in Waco and go to Canton and miss Dallas, then go from Canton to Esther & Leland's house in North Texas and miss traffic again. Then when I left my sister's house from North Texas to go home, I would leave on Sunday when there is less traffic going through Dallas, then to Austin and then to San Antonio. While I was at my sister's house I was talking to her son Mike (my nephew) and told him of my clever plan of coming and going from San Antonio. I told him I planned it that way so as to miss all the traffic. He said real serious, "Well I'm sure the people in those big cities were glad you chose to go through their city when there was less traffic." I thought "what?, that's not a compliment."  I know he was teasing, I think. How did he come up with that so fast?

Then, my other nephew Wayne, Mike's brother went with us to eat at Braum's. I got choked, you know how when you take a drink of your drink and it goes down the wrong way? That's what happened. I was sitting next to Wayne and Esther told him to pat me on the back because I was choking and he said "It's o.k., I have another aunt."

I would like your comments, if you were "Dear Abby" and tell me what you think.


  1. oh my goodness..those boyz...
    remember when Dad Dad use to grin and say "I'm
    gonna give you a whoppin' with a wet rope" Maybe they both need that..ha

  2. Maybe I should have patted her on the back, my other aunt never comes to see me.


  3. Wayne left a comment,Mike now it's your turn..