Friday, February 15, 2013

The Golf Cart, Blake, Abby, Alex and the Goat

As most have heard the kids got a goat for Christmas. It has really become a part of the family by now. He still has to stay in his house out back but when the kiddos get home from school he is anxious to get out and play. One day Beth was on the golf cart and she had let Billy Bob run along beside with her holding the rope. As she started back home he would have nothing to do with that having to run along beside the cart so he just jumped up on it and rode with her..

Well, now that Blake is 10 and has learned to drive the golf cart..oh my..
He loves driving it and they do look so cute with Blake driving, Alex in the middle and he and Abby laughing and having the time of their lives. Now Abby has watched him enough that she has learned to drive it and they take turns. Alex (3) thinks he can drive so they have to take the keys out when he is there. Now the combination of 3 kids, a goat and a golf cart is a recipe of something happening, good or bad some time or another. One day when they were riding the cart stopped. When Blake told Wayne about it he said "It just stopped." Well, Abby being the truthful little girl she is..(Blake's definition is 'tattle tale')..she shouted 'IT WAS SMOKING!' Blake screamed.."SHUT UP ABBY..I JUST GOT OFF BEING GROUNDED."
The damage was nothing, just a loose wire but poor Blake didn't know that at the time.
All I can say is that is one lucky goat to to have gotten this home for Christmas. Where else would he get to ride in a golf cart with two kids just learning to drive it?

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