Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rattlesnakes in the pantry????

Submitted by Esther Hale

The other evening I was at the kitchen stove and all of a sudden I heard this noise in the pantry and what it made me think of was 2-3 rattlesnakes rattling their rattlers. I couldn't imagine. Well common sense told me it wasn't rattlesnakes( I hoped.)  Slowly I walked over and gently opened up the door.(we can only imagine what would have happened to me if snakes had fallen out at my feet) It turned out that I had a bag of pinto beans in there and they had been opened. I guess for some reason the bag fell over and since I didn't have a tie on it they just started spilling out and it was a mess. Beans in the cabinet and on the floor. Leland thought it was funny, he was a good husband and cleaned up the mess. I removed them from the package what was left of them and put them in a jar with a lid as I should have done to begin with.
Don't you wonder sometime why it is we can be just be minding our own business and still get in trouble???

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