Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Esther experience

.let me tell you what happened to me...On the way to church, just as we got to Cannon I looked down and still had on my house shoes. I neary freaked out, we had to turn around and come back home so I could change shoes. Leland just thought that was so funny. I couldn't believe he turned around and told the lady in the pew behind us about it, she isn't even someone we know that well but she thought it was funny. We would have been late if church had of started on time this morning. Eddie and Shauna were already there and he said "we saw y'all going back the other way when we were going to church"..I told him what happened and he immediately told Wayne and Beth. Wayne started looking at me and pointed at my feet. I really would not have been surprised if Beth had of announced it. I guess she may know she does have her limits with me...ha..(why am I getting this feeling  that this may end up on the family website)....

Note: She's right, don't tell me anything, I'll tell everybody.. Could have been worse, she could have had on some house shoes I saw at Wal Mart's that had "Miller Time" with a picture of a beer can on the top of them  What if she had those and on forgotten and wore those into church.. Yep it could have been worse.

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  1. oh my goodness that would have been TERRIBLE if I had of had on that kind of shoes...and gone into church...Leland said if the preacher had of known early enough what happened he would have announced it form the pulpit..may as well it was pretty well all over church anyway..woe is me...( You are so right you tell everybody)