Friday, January 31, 2014

Esther's Birthday Present

Esther's birthday present for this year.

This is a neat cart. Looks like it will seat 4 and she can haul stuff on the back flat bed. Since Leland got this for her birthday present, wonder if he is intending for her to work? Just kidding.

I told Wayne I want one and he asked me where would I ride it. We live on a Cul de sac and our
puppies might like to ride on the back seat.

Anyway, Leland did good this year with this.
It is definitely a winner. She loves it.



  1. yep he did do good..I hadn't thought that he may have had in mind putting me to work!!! how come I didn't think of that? anyway, it is fun.

  2. Happy Birthday Esther, I am so glad you have a new toy to play with, love love it.