Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fried pies anyone?

I don't know why I got this hair brained idea to make fried pies.
I remember the ones mother use to make were so good. I bought me
a can of apple pie filling ( I know she didn't use that). I don't know
if she used regular pie crust recipe or one especially for fried pies.
I looked in my recipe books and found one for fried pies. I know there
is a lot that I don't know about cooking but I knew that when it had
5 cups of flour, 1 cup of condensed milk and 2 eggs that I didn't
need that much. I made half the recipe and that was too much. I
finally got all that mixed up and by the time I rolled it out and
used a saucer to make my circles I had the beginnings of a mess..
The mess grew when I started putting the apple pie filling on the
crust. I did the best I could, folded it over and sealed the sides good
( I thought)  Finally, with flour all over the counter mixed with sweet
pie filling I started frying them. That is when the pie filling started
oozing out in the hot got brown and burned. I didn't know if
we were even going to be able to eat them. I told Leland he didn't
have to tell me they were good and he didn't have to eat them.
I was surprised that they did taste pretty good. This is one of those
things that I can say "been there, done that." If I have a craving
for fried pies again there is a neat little shop in Van Alstyne that
is called SWEETIE PIES and they are delicious. After my
experience I know why they charge $3.00 per small pie.


  1. How funny. See my dear sister you get into trouble without me. I know how it feels, something becomes so much trouble you aren't interested in doing it anymore. Still funny though.

  2. Remember nannies chocolate fried pies...yumm..the boys always had her make them the minute she came to visit us.

  3. I do remember those gooood chocolate fried pies..when I get over the trauma of making these apple ones I may try to make some chocolate. They probably won't be as good as hers were. One thing I will do differently, is use my own pie crust recipe. I didn't care that much for the recipe I used.