Friday, February 21, 2014

I remember taking this picture. I wanted to wear a scarf in my hair
like Esther was wearing. Mine looked a little long.
I wanted to be like her.
 She was
married I think when this picture was made.
You will need to read the story in "Do you know" category
titled "Esther Got Mad at Me.


  1. I did too like you...kinda..
    love U now.

  2. Well I remember when Jo Ann and her friend Louise Bailey didn't like for me to go with them...but Nannie made them let me go with them..ha..ha.

  3. Yeah and didn't I have pay a nickel or dime for you to stay home and then you went up to a quarter?

  4. Love these stories folks, I need to be writing up some of mine. I started a HISTORY OF ME to give to the grands, but haven't written in it for ages. I wasn't raised in the country so my stories are different. But my grandparents were farmers, and I remember when it was chicken butchering time. A huge galvanized tub would be filled with water and set on rocks over a fire. when the water was hot, the chickens got their necks wrung and into the hot water they would go. It was easier then to pluck the birds. My how it stunk. Do have a few of those from the farm Good memories like yours. And how we lived through it???? God is good and merciful.