Thursday, March 6, 2014

Games children played.

There is a lot of difference in the games children played back in those earlier years and now.
Those day's there was no TV 's or computers to keep children in the house. That is not to say
that there is anything wrong with that, but for us when, if you stayed in the house, mama found
something for you to do..(like work) sooo out the door we would go when we got the chance.
Kids made up games to play..when Leland was about 7 years old he was living in Whitesboro
and at one time lived on Halleluiah street, named because of the number ot children. One of the
games he remembers they played was 'truth or consequences'..guess you all know how that game goes. Someone ask you a question and if you couldn't answer it then you pay the consequences. He
was ask a question that he couldn't answer and his consequence was to run around this house on
the block that was narrorw and rather long. Needless to say he was one scared 7 year old but
did start running and when he had gotten about half way around the back of the house, and it was pitch black, some of the bigger boys had slipped around there and grabbed him by the leg as he flew by. He still remembers that as one of his scarest moments!
Another thing is he had this special friend, Kenneth Hawkins. He and Kenneth and some other boys
and girls(??) would ride their bicycles north of town and stay away all day playing. There was a
creek there and they would swing from the trees and fall in the creek. The Lord was watching over a bunch of kids because no one drowned.
I remember Charles and I would play with little cars. I do not remember if we really did have little
cars or if we just used little blocks of wood and pretend they were cars and trucks. We didn't have
grass in the yard and mother would actually sweep the yard at times..don't ask me why..anyway,
we could make little roads and hills in the black dirt and play for hours. Jump rope was a real
favorite too. I remember that two people would throw the rope and one person jump it and then
they would see how fast they could throw it and see how long you could keep jumping without
tripping. We also had just a rope that we jumped by ourselves. I am sure kiddos still do that some.
Marbles was another game that was real would carry their marbles to school and
play at recess.Of course, Cowboy and Indians was a favorite of all boys and I remember many
of the guns were handmade carved out of wood. In the game of pretend they were as deadly as
any gun on the market.
I know there were a lot of other games but these come to mind.

Until next time remember:
Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord,
my strength, my redeemer. Psa.19:14

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  1. When I was little we like to run around in the grass barefoot and when it got dark we caught fireflies. That was so much fun.