Friday, June 13, 2014

Can you believe we bought a farm?

Leland and I had both moved from farms at an early age.
From these previous articles you know that I do remember some of the
hardships that came with farm living. Well, we had been in the oil
field for years and moved many many times and decided we wanted
to buy a farm and stay settled in one place where our kiddos would
have some roots. We had no reason to believe but that they would
adjust to whatever we did, but it was our decision to try to stay
more settled..On pencil and paper we saw different ways that we
could really make money on the farm..notice I said "on pencil and
paper." Leland figgured we could go with raising hens and they would
lay all these eggs that we could sell ..OR we could buy a bunch of cows and
have a dairy OR we could buy some hogs, raise the pigs and make a
fortune (nearly) OR whatever we may decide to do.. after all we
would be growing our own food so a grocery bill would not be
much. That in itself would be a big plus.
We found our land..quit the oil field..we did have enough sense to
know he would  have to work awhile to buy the animals we decided
on. Somewhere along the line we decided what the heck why just
put "all our eggs in one basket" as the saying goes and get hens, cows,
and hogs.We didn't stop there we had turkeys too. Well, surely we
could get rich with all this..WRONG.
Thank goodness we didn't have the money to buy all these animals
at once or we would have been in serious trouble. We started out with one
milk cow..I didn't know how to milk a cow but Leland told me he
did, I don't know when he learned but he he did know how. When he
wasn't there the cow still needed to be milked and mother came down
and taught me. If I had only known then what I learned much later was
'ignorance is bliss.' At time though I wanted to learn how to do everything.
I plan to write a series of articles on the ups and down that went with
our adventures here for anyone interesting in reading about them.
I just ask that you don't judge us to harshly on the  things we
did..Some of the things, as I look back now were just downright
stupid ,but we did learn a little from some of the mistakes.

Proverbs 16 :9
A man's heart plans his way
But the Lord directs his steps.

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  1. I am interested in hearing more stories on you all living on the farm.
    In fact, I have some memories of when we were visiting.