Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Since November is my mother's birthday month, actually it will be this Saturday November 15th. I thought I might share something about her. As I have carefully gone through her notes and other things she had in boxes and had carefully placed for me to find, I ran across a note book where she apparently had wanted to write her Life Story. She didn't get really far with it but I would like to add it here just as she wrote the story.

Untold Memories: 

"My life began November 15, 1920 on a farm south of Sherman, Texas in Grayson County.
In the summer of 1928 at the age of eight years old I became a Christian at a Baptist camp meeting in a tabernacle at Pilot Grove, Texas. I remember the Sunday morning distinctly. We were lined up in front of the church, all quoted John 3:16.
We lived on a farm West of Pilot Grove, these were the times that were called the "Good Old Days". We learned the value of work, appreciated the things we worked for. "Poor" yes we were poor but didn't know it." 
God gave me a faithful mother and I am forever grateful of all the things that she taught me through life and by her Godly example while she was here. 

This picture of my mother at her 90th birthday with her 4 grandsons of whom she dearly loved and was very proud of them and all that they have accomplished in their lives. I know they are sweet boys because they are my boys and they have blessed me so much and they are each my gift of love. 

Also I see how the scripture John 3:16 was such a favorite of mom's, as it started her spiritual journey  as a small child it was with her when she made the decision to go to Canton Oaks it just happen to be her room number '316' so for her it was a sign that the Lord had given her to be at peace with.

Posted: By Anne with love.

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