Thursday, May 28, 2015

Esther's granite kitchen counter tops

I had wanted to replace my formica with granite for quite sometime. Some of you know that Leland does not like change and he thought what we had looked just fine..duh. He never tells me I can't do something but when I see he just doesn't want to I usually back off. In this case however I did not.. I really wanted to do this and when I mentioned it he just said "OK" but don't believe he really thought I was serious. I wasn't going to do this in a hurry because I needed time to check out granite and prices and etc. I noticed later when I would mention that I had checked someplace about it that he acted like he wished I'd forget it. One day I said "you don't really want me to do this do you?" He said "no" and I ask him why and "well, it's just the mess" I told him "if that's all thats bothering you you can stay in our have a bathroom, a TV and a computer across the hall and I'll even bring your food to you and they will have the granite in done one day"...He laughed and said  "Oh I will have room service"...he still didn't want them. One day when we started to Sherman I told him "I want us to go into Lowe's and check out the granite" I got an "ok" but no enthusiasm at all. We looked at some of the displays and Donna, the lady that works that department, was so very helpful. Some of the displays were no longer available but she did show us a little squares about 8X8 in size we could choose from. ( I believe at this point he figgured out I was serious and he wanted to get something he liked too).We did find one we both liked and from there she explained that we would need to first pay $35.00 for a man to come out and measure and if we decided to go ahead and buy they would then they give us credit when we paid for the granite. We took care of that then got a call for an appointment for the man to come measure. After he measured it we did another trip to Lowe's to pay for it and then we were able to make an appointment to go to Pilot Point and view the actual slabs that would be installed. This was very interesting and by the time we saw, I do believe, hundreds of slabs of granite and were told if we changed our minds about what we wanted after seeing all these we could do that Leland seemed to be more interested. Next we got the call for us to set up a date for the installation. All of this was taking place over 2-3 weeks time. Once this was established we had to decide about a sink, new faucet and etc. They told us that we would need to have the sink and cooktop out of the counter when they arrived and if we were putting in a new sink to have it there so they would know the size opening it would require...same with cooktop. All was going well and I still assured Leland that they would have the installation completed in one day so he wouldn't be having to view all the mess if he wanted to take me up on my offer to bring his meals to the bedroom. I knew he wasn't going to do that..he would't miss watching them work with the granite for anything....Turned put the mess lasted longer than I imagined. Things changed.
 We had gone into Sherman one day and did what all we had to do and was stopping at Lowe's to get the sink, and faucet and were tired by the time we got there, but did pick those up. About the day before they were to come to install, which was a Thursday, he decided he didn't believe the plumbing underneath the sink was going to fit and probably need new anyway. Wayne agreed with him that we probably did need new..he helps so much. Then we got a call from Mike that he thought he would be coming on Friday evening..goody..For those who don't know Mike and his wife have a plumbing service..O.K here we to Sherman again..always needing after wearing ourselves out with other chores we stopped by Lowe's to get the plumbing stuff and I wanted to get some paint..we are both TIRED. I couldn't find the paint..I thought what the heck get it another time.  I decided to check out how Leland was doing with finding what he needed..He had the same luck as I had with the paint.We stood there looking for awhile, not a clerk in sight, and I finallly said "Mike is coming let's let him deal with it" his response was "good, OK"..Next day..D-Day..gonna install. I must mention at this point that I had put up a card table and another table to put things out of the cabinets on because when they removed the old countertop it would be dirty..that was a chore but it did give me a chance to clean out my if I wasn't busy enough.and tired. Got a call from Mike that he is coming for sure( almost sure)..oh goody goody.
Next morning Wayne and Beth came up he took out the cooktop and sink..cooktop on the dining room table and sink on was getting kinda messy in the kitchen but Leland was gracious and didn't remind me of it...maybe he didn't want to go to the bedroom and miss all this. A very few minutes after 8:00 the guys arrived.. The put a covering over the carpet and kitchen floor too. They had backed into the driveway and some way unloaded those heavy granite slabs and actually cut them to fit from there and guess who was watching all this. I don't blame him, it was interesting and they were good at it. Wayne and Beth needed to leave but David and Sharon came later. I had bought 3 packages of Jack Danials pulled pork for lunch that we could heat in microwave..which had joined the cooktop on the dining room table along with stuff that I didn't have room for on the tables I had set up. Sharon made some baked beans to go with the pulled pork and they were so good. I had thought the men would probably eat with us but couldn't believe they were through about 12:30 and needed to go on to another job.David and Sharon helped me put back the drawers and dishes in cabinets and then we ate. I got out paper plates and we used those but still had the silverware and glasses that we couldn't wash and dishes that the other food was cooked in because ..remember no plumbing under sink.. couldn't even rinse them. Later for supper, don't remember what we had but couldn't wash those dishes either. It wasn't smelling so good by breakfast..After breakfast those dishes joined the others and I think we ate lunch at Braums...Boy, that afternoon I decided that something had to be done. Kitchen stunk and figgured that new granite was wishing it had another place to live. What the heck..I washed out the bathtub real good and made several trips from kitchen to bathroom..I'm tired. Didn't help any that I am down on the floor washing the dishes and stacking them on a towel on the I had to put them all back in the tub to rinse them and then dry them with a cuptowel and then make more trips back to kitchen to put them all up... I consoled myself  that at least I had a bathtub and not having to wash them in the creek.
Got a call from Mike and he is on the way here..GOODY. Wayne had done all he could trying to use the other plumbing that didn't fit well to fix it to where I could rinse something without it leaking too badly but didn't work out too well..At this point he is ready for his plumber brother to get here too. When Mike got here and we told him all our woes he just said "I'll fix it"...Wayne was busy with other things and Mike got what we needed and did get it fixed.
 I didn't want tile on the wall...wanted it painted a light color and Shauna did a beautiful job for me on that..
My husband's reaction to all this after it was completed was it went from 'It's pretty" "it's beautiful" to..."I'm sorry I argued so with you about them" WOW..Sharon said "can we get a recording of that?" Now he tells everyone that he liked to never talked me into getting those.

Romans 12:15
Rejoice with those who rejoice and
weep with those who weep.

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