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The Three Sisters Newsletter

April 30, 2016

Seems each time I write little excerpts from our newsletter I have an excuse for them being so few and far between, but believe me folks it's been busy around here. Things are green and grass growing from all the wonderful rain that God has sent us. This week though we have had rain but tornados too that have come to close for comfort. God has taken care of so many of us and for that we are thankful!
We do have some recent news though before getting into the newsletter.

About a month or so ago ,Dot that has been mentioned in previous letters, her son suddenly passed away he had been living with Dot for awhile and on a Sunday afternoon didn't feel well and laid down on her sofa and died in his sleep. About 3 weeks later Dot also suddenly died. JoAnn and I had visited Dot when she was here in February and I had then stopped by for a nice visit with her on a Tuesday afternoon and she died the following Tuesday. This has been a shock to each of us and prayers have gone out for her two remaining children and grandchildren.

Now on a brighter note lets look at some of the happenings of several years ago...the family was nutty then and as I look at the things that go on now I don't really see much difference!

IONE wrote these in her November letter.
A prayer written by Killis Boone ..a relative.

                           SECRET WEAPON
We all have a secret weapon which can cure our deepest woes
It can tear down walls of haterd and confound our Godless foes
Dosen't cost a billion dollars, it can guranttee world peace
Not the A-bomb or the H-bomb,yet it makes the war drums cease
Its not guarded from the millions each of us can have our share
It grows stronger as you use it, for its better know as PRAYER

ESTHER  wrote
Leland bought a hay baler for $75.00 and spent about $25.00 or $30.00
fixing it up and sold it for $450.00. That may have been a record for ever making any money
from things bought that you wanted to buy and make money on here. Certainly better than the dozier that he found when he was on a job north of OKC. Saw this rusty old dozier setting in a field.
(It probably died right there) anyway, he ask the woman what she would take for it and she said $300.00. I still think she would have given it to him just to get it off  her place. Anyway, there was the little job of getting it home..duh..he had everyone in OKC office helping him find someone to haul it from there to here..duh..finally he did and I believe that was another $600.00..Then,of course the thing hadn't run in years and I don't remember how he got it into Tom Bean for the man to fix it. Really, he had it for around 2 years and something over $2,000 to fix it. It never ran good always got hot but he did use it for digging out a lot of dirt when we were building our house. Then did sell it. Cost a few hundred $$$ to get it hauled to auction and  I do think he got $500.00 for it. Guess no one was impressed with it. I was just glad it was gone. It was just one of those things.

The author of this letter didn't put her name on it soo from ???

" The reason men don't understand  women, they were asleep when women were made
and we were not made from his "foot" but his "side."..Hello

REMEMBER..When the Bible becomes "a part" of us we are less likely to come "apart"

Always read the good stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

FROM JoAnn April 1998

Another  Genie Story
A man encountered a genie who told the man he would give him a wish for anything he wanted. The man said he would like to see a highway spanning to Hawaii. The genie said " Man thats nearly impossible do you know what would be involved? Don't you have another wish? The man said "Yes I do I would like to understand women" Almost without hesitation the genie ask," how many lanes do you want that highway to be?" come on now, we aren't that hard to understand..

Warrington news:
Ralph was nominated for excellent employee award and he and Diana went to Dallas to an award dinner. Ralph got plaques and awards for the Spirit award. He is supervisor for a crew and he was recognized for keep up the spirits of
 his workers for finishing a project and under budget. He supervises work on aircrafts. Wayne and I went to baby sit Vanessa and Joseph while they went to the dinner and we took the kids out to eat.HA! What a trip. We had to push everything back from Vanessa and she put butter cups in her hair. She's not quit two. Joseph was his usual talkative self. The restaurant was crowded, and with people sitting close at the next table Joseph said real loud " LAST NITE I GOT SICK AND VOMITED IN THE TOILET."  Very camly Wayne told him "O.K. but we won't talk about that right now". We were going to a bookstore afterwards, but decided we would skip that and just drive them around for awhile and then take them home and give them ice cream. I believe we made the right choice.

Hopefully one of us will be able to get another letter in before tooooo long.

Luke 6: 31
Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them,
for this is the Law and the Prophets

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