Saturday, November 19, 2011


Following submitted by Esther:
Fragrances.. Fragrances
This past July JoAnn came from San Antonio to visit and we went to spend the day with Ione.. Anne came too and we all had a nice lunch together. Before we left Anne gave JoAnn and I a neat can of aerosol fragrances and told us "just a little poof is all you need" she repeated it and she really meant it. I used mine in the downstairs room that opens into the garage and sometimes it isn't as fresh as we would like. I followed her instructions and it was just a nice fragrance. Well, the next time, I have no idea why,I did one 'big poof' on one side of the room and then another 'big poof' on the other side of the room and realized then why Anne said one little poof was enough. Leland came in from the outside and asked if I had sprayed something downstairs. (like he needed to ask") He said he smelled it at the tomato patch. This was way out by the barn. Of course from then on I have gone by Anne's instructions. All of this reminded me of another time. JoAnn had given me this cute little clay garlic baker. I didn't know there was such a thing, but she assured me that garlic was 'sooo good baked in it'. "Just put it in the oven for about an hour and enjoy." yeah right. One morning I decided to bake a bulb of garlic. I didn't have this in mind when I made that decision but we had been putting up with a dead rat odor downstairs for a few days. We looked everywhere but could not find it. We knew the odor would eventually go away but in the meantime we just went downstairs and opened the door to go through the room and hold our breath and make a quick exit. Upon returning we just held our breath until we could get through the stairs and inhale a good fresh breath as we came up. Imagine Leland's surprise on the fateful morning of the baked garlic. When he got upstairs he demanded "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?" Realizing his dissatisfaction, I said as quickly as I could get the words out that "JoAnn gave me this little garlic baker and she said it was so good I wanted to use it. He whirled around and ran back down the stairs. I asked "where are you going?" he said "TO SMELL THE RAT." Anyone out there in the market for a cute little clay garlic baker?

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