Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Garlic Story

"Yes, I think I do remember Jo Ann being on a health kick one time and she gave me that garlic to take and I was on duty. That wasn't one of the better days"

Submitted by JoAnn
That story on the left about the garlic baker reminded me of a time I got on a health kick. I had Wayne and I taking all kinds of herbs. One that we took was garlic. I read that the kind of odor free garlic pills were not as good for you as the original ones so I bought the original. This was probably around the time I gave Esther the garlic baker. I was really sold on the health benefits of garlic. Wayne took the garlic pill and the weather got really hot and he called me one day from work and said he was smelling like garlic. Being on the day shift working police patrol and out in the heat he was sweating a lot getting out directing traffic, working traffic stops etc..I knew right away it was those garlic pills, so he got off of them. After that I have no idea why he takes any pills I give him.

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