Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taking Abby Shopping

Special birthdays: by Esther
When our grandchildren were old enough I started having a special day with them on their birthdays. Each child was given their birthday money, would choose where to shop and choose where to eat. No one else could go with us. It was my special day with each of them. I am sorry Summer and Autumn lived away and it was seldom that I was able to share it with them.
Abby, our great grandaughter was having her 5th birthday and I wanted us to have a special day of her shopping for her own present and then have lunch together. I must tell you it was a special day to remember!! I had told her we would stop by the bank and get her birthday money. I would give it to her to carry in her purse and then she could choose where she wanted to shop and where she wanted to have lunch. She announced to me that she wanted a "wad of money" translated " a lot of money." as she sometimes uses "W" for "L." We got the money and the big decision of where to shop. I am sure all of you are familiar with the Dollar Tree, where everything is a dollar. Abby knew about it too, so that is where we went. She got a LOT of things but really did consider each purchase before she decided to spend a dollar on it.
All of a sudden she announced "I am through", then the big decision of where to eat. In her choices I noticed, she was thinking of places that had play equipment. Chick-Fil-A was the lucky choice. She knew what she wanted, no fooling around. She wanted to get right to it and play. Just before we left Leland called and wanted me to pick up something at Home Depot, when I told her that, she was not happy because what she had come to town to do was done and she wanted me to "drop her off first" which meant driving home 20 miles and then I could just come back to town. Well no. Anyway we went to Home Depot and I told her I needed to go to Wal Mart. Oh no! again she said "just drop me off first." She told me I would go in there and buy a bunch of stuff that I didn't need. I told her I only needed three things and then we could go. We went in and she was walking in front of me and I noticed some really cute plastic tubs and just said "aren't those cute?"...without turning around she said "you don't need them." I just said they were cute, anyway, Leland called before we left and I told her he wanted me to get something while we were in there. She said "I knew it, I knew he would call." I explained it would only take a minute and we would go. After we got it I told her we were going to check out and we would go home. She told me "If Leland calls again, you can just drop me off." (he didn't) It was a fun day for me and she enjoyed it, except of course going to Home Depot and Wal Mart. Thank Abby...let's do this again next year.

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