Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taking Blake Shopping

Submitted by Esther
One month after Abby's birthday, Blake had his and he was anxious for us to go on our shopping trip. The first place we shopped was the bank to get his birthday money and I asked him where he wanted to go. The Dollar Tree was his choice too. He had fun picking out all the things he wanted. One was a big spider. I asked him why he wanted that and he said "to scare Granna." Beth has had the wits scared out of her when she finds rubber snakes or spiders in unexpected places. Then another item was some kind of drinks, those were "for Wampa." He wanted Wayne to unknowingly start to drink one and find it terribly sour. I wanted to know why he would do that and he said "because he does me like that." Ok Wayne, pay back time. He got a lot of things and then he wanted to buy Abby, Grayson and Alex something. He spent more time choosing their things than his own. He wanted to get each one something that he thought they would like.
After he was through shopping he wanted to eat at Chic-Fil-A too and he knew just what he wanted. We had a nice lunch together. I had reminded him before we left not to let me forget to go by Sam's Lawn Riders to pick up a small engine Leland wanted us to get. We went by there and he opened up the truck of the car for the man to put it in. He was very helpful.
One thing he didn't have to contend with that Abby did was Leland calling us to do more things while we were in town. We see the kiddos often and enjoy them, but spending a day one on one with him, I was struck with just how grown up he has become. I wish we lived close enough to each of them so I could have this special day with all the g-grandchildren.

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