Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mark goes skydiving by Esther Hale

Well, Mark did it again!! He jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,500 ft. I must say I do admire someone with that much courage, but It would take half of Grayson county to push me out.We really had a nice day watching them yesterday. Mark and a friend that he works with were due to jump at 10:30 but so many were jumping that I doubt anyone there were on schedule. He got on the plane at 12:55 ..even though it was a long wait it was fine..the weather was nice and they had two planes going up to take the jumpers and you saw guys and gals coming down in parachutes pretty much all the time..When Mark went up the man that flew tandem with him told us that they would be the ones in the purple 'chute so we were able to tell Mark then..It is so pretty seeing them float down like that..One beautiful site, and I was unable to get a picture, is one man had the Texas flag waving so pretty attached to his parachute..For those who have been praying for Leland so much..I sent a picture of him with Mark..wanted you all to see how good he looks..When people tell him hes looking good..he tells them to please reverse that and tell him he's "good looking"...well whatever

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