Thursday, June 14, 2012

College kids

When Amanda started college her parents bought a car for her. All through college she drove her Ford Explorer and it worked out well for her. She is out of college now, has a job so she recently bought a new car and asked Vicky did she want to buy her old one. Since Vicky is a remodeling contractor and has been driving her Mercedes she jumped at the chance to have one like that to drive around to jobs instead of her good car. When Vicky was telling her friend about it, the friend asked her "so you bought the car again." A light bulb came on and Vicky said "Yeah, I guess I did."

Note from Jo Ann: There is another post on this blog where another graduated college student (Jenny Pedigo Miller) asked her dad (David Pedigo) if he wanted to buy her "college" car because she was going to buy a new one. In that scenario her dad told her " no, I have already bought it once." Gotta watch those college kids, be alert.....

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