Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Book

Submitted by Esther Hale

One day I got a phone call to see if I was home. This young man had a book of mine and he wanted to bring it to me.

His name is Gary and he was at a garage sale in Van Alstyne and found this school book that had my name in it. It was a book that had been issued to me when I was in the 4th grade at Cannon. My name was the first one listed. Esther Neathery 1939.  The condition of the book is like new..
He went on to tell me that he had seen it at a garage sale and ask a fellow there if he knew me. His name is Junior Hunter. I  had gone to school with him and he told Gary that he did know me..Gary told me that he said."I think I will get this, her kids may like to have it" Junior ask him "Why don't you just take it to her?" and told him where I lived..Gary said he ask him "Is she still ALIVE?"..duh..those of you who know me probably understand that I did indeed explain to him that I certainly am alive!

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  1. Hey I think that is really neat to get a book back that you had that long ago, and especially that someone in town knew you, good deal.