Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cell Phone versus Garage Door Opener

Submitted by Jo Ann Warrington

It's been quite awhile back but Esther told me that Leland won't get a cell phone. I said "EVERYBODY has a cell phone." They do, right? I told her he needs to have one too. She said he didn't want one, so I suggested that he needs to look like he has one, so he could wear a garage door opener clipped to his belt and no one would know the difference. It may be bigger than a cell, but he is a big man so no one would notice that detail.

Time went on and he didn't have one, nor would he wear a garage door opener clipped to his belt. But, on March 25th of this year he got a cell phone.
Historical day for sure.

So here he is talking on his phone. Doesn't he look manly? But that doesn't have anything to do with the cell phone.

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  1. Thank you sissy...good write up and now what I like about it is..I CAN FIND HIM IN WAL-MART. He always just evaporates when we go in there and I spend a lot of time looking for him or waiting for him to show up somewhere..