Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Birthday gifts

Here are some of the birthday gifts I recieved.
Jenny did the 23rd psalm in freehand.She prayed she would
not make a mistake on the last line. She didn't.

Wayne-Beth and David-Sharon gave gave me
a gift card from Kohl's. I can shop 'till I drop.

Sarah gave me this electric candle with vanilla
fragrance..my favorite.

Mark and Jana gave me a gift card to
IHOP"S..good eating ahead.

Mike and Reeda gave me this birdhouse. It
is a replica of the Mountian Chapel in Eureka
Springs. I have a lot of birds and they will
enjoy it.

Pictures of my golf cart from my very
favorite husband is already posted.
I am looking forward to nice day's
so I can ride it

Bobby made this beautiful quilt. I didn't even know he could sew..everyone loves it. I had to
hide it from Reeda..she wanted it.

Thank all of you for such a nice birthday.
I have a very SPECIAL thanks to my
sissy,JoAnn, for all her patience in teaching
me to be able to post on the family website.
I am a challenge to anyone who tries to
teach me anything.


  1. You were not a challenge. Your computer was acting up. You can't help
    that. Mine does that sometimes. I have Windows 8 touch screen. Yesterday the screen with tiles all flipped on it's side. Who knows why, maybe the screen was tired and wanted to lie down.

    1. well, my computer as being a drag yesterday...and I thank you for the kind words but seems to me it took too long to get this in my head..