Friday, February 14, 2014

Memories from Terri

Terri - January 18th, 2014 at 1:02am
To my Favorite Auntie: I will never stop loving you and you will be missed so much. My VERY FIRST memory of YOU is clear when you arrived for Christmas at the motel DAD-DAD operated. It was 1966, but you, my mom and Esther had a silly picture made in your new gowns Dad-Dad bought for you three. They were fancy and the side kick you three coordinated remains a family “hit” to look at. You were always SO pretty with your flawless skin and gracious style. (Even the hair you hair-sprayed UP. Yes, very polished-of course and actually the STYLE at that time, but as I said to you in later years: that was a hot mess). You always made me giggle and laugh when we spoke on the phone. You shared so much for the love of your daughter, and it was always exciting to hear about how proud you were of all your grand and great grand-kids. They are all so blessed to have you in their lives as well as your dear sisters, my cousins, sisters and I. Tell Weldon-in all these years I have never met anyone-who ever received TWO Banana Splits at one time. (Only me)! You were the greatest Auntie. We had lots of secret talks-I won't tell, if you don't. Stay close with me because God IS making you an Angel in Heaven. You earned your wings my fair lady for the work you did in your life. I love you. Thank you for the beautiful handprint you left on my heart. XOXOXO Terri

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